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Alexander The Great by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

A real historical picture of the life of Al-Asdar Al-Akbar, with projections on the real picture, for it, is a vivid picture of the conflict, and it is a real...

Alia & Essam by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 20.00

A poetic play that talks about the Arab Al-Rula tribe located in the desert between Hama and the Levant. A new theatrical epic written by His Highness the Ruler of...

Confluence Not Coincidence by Paul Bratby

Dhs. 195.00

In this book, Paul demystifies and simplifies these patterns. that demonstrates how technology can empower traders to identify and capitalize on regular confluences, enabling them to develop effective strategies for...

Daesh & Gabraa by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

A play that takes place in the Qassim region, where the Ghatafan tribe has its two branches, Abs and Zebian, 50 years before the mission of the Prophet Muhammad, may...

Don't Set Goals...Achieve them!

Dhs. 52.50

What if you could set goals and achieve them every time? It's so easy to set a goal. But research shows that only 8% of people who set goals ever...

Macbet & King Liar : Financial Tragedy & Poetry by Erik Vrij

Dhs. 135.00

A unique read and gift for anyone in finance…  THE VILLAINS OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FINANCIAL TRAGEDIES…  Madoff, Enron, Arthur Andersen, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, RBS CEO Fred ‘the Shred’  Goodwin, Greensill  … COME TOGETHER ON A PRIVATE OFFSHORE ISLAND …  … AS SHAKESPEARE’S FAMOUS CHARACTERS …  King Liar, Enroneo, King Arthur, Macbet, Floathello, Hamfred ‘the Shred’, the Merchant  Banker of Bundaberg  … TO ARRANGE THE ULTIMATE FINANCIAL TRAGEDY…  … FOLLOWED BY SOME 25 OF THE BEST-KNOWN SHORT POEMS …  … rewritten into a financial setting …  The first “Financial Tragedy” part of the book consists of some 15 “Acts” having titles resembling those of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies or characters. They are based on real persons, companies, events and financial structures that have caused or played a role in some of the best-known actual  financial tragedies and crises. The key actors (“Dramatis Personae”) have been  inspired by Bernard  Madoff (“King Liar”), Enron (“Enroneo”), CEO Fred Goodwin van RBS (Hamfred ‘the Shred’), Lex  Greensill (“The Merchant Banker of Bundaberg”), short seller Fabrice Tourre of Goldman Sachs  (“Macbet”) and his brilliant and shrewd daughter Lady Juliet Macbet. They come together on a sunny  offshore island to structure the ultimate collapse of Enroneo and to become exceptionally rich at the expense of ignorant investors.  The Shakespearian nature is otherwise expressed by old English language, font and a  large number of quotes by Shakespeare that have been amended to fit in the otherwise modern-day thriller.  The second “Poetry” part of the book consists of some 25 famous (love) poems, of  which the titles and contents have been transformed into a financial setting. 

Mighty Samson by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

The play reveals the established facts and refutes the falsification of history. The play deals with the story of the mighty Samson, the legendary character so that the facts are...

Reality.. A True Copy by

Dhs. 15.00

The Islamic nation has gone through more severe periods than we are in, so this play was a reality of not despair, and a catalyst towards unification and struggle, to...

Strategic Design for a Responsible Future. by Herve Collignon (Author), Brigitte Borja de Mozota (Author), Steinar Valade-Amland (Author)

Dhs. 236.50

"Strategic Design For A Responsible Future" serves as the ultimate toolbook for addressing business challenges through a radically different approach. Over the past 50 years, the field of design has...

The Black Stone by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

It includes five chapters, and the play deals with a sensitive issue in ancient and contemporary history, and it diverts ideas from their course, and sometimes into their opposite, which...

The Book of Allah by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

In this play, Dr Sultan Al Qasimi embodies the idea of the conflict between the luminaries who are trying to present the bright image of Islam in the face of...

The Case by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

This play is inspired by Arab and Islamic history. What happened to the Arab nation in the past is similar to what is happening to it now. The events of...

The complete Theatrical works box Set By Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 210.00

The complete Theatrical works 11 books Set By Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi 1) Holaku's Returns, 2) Mighty Samson 3) The Case 4) Reality a True Copy 5) The Black Stone...

The Hunt For Corona by Fahad Al Falasi

Dhs. 49.00

Daphne, a girl with a chaplet of flowers woven around her braided hair and an overflowing passion for life that is reciprocated back to her, is oblivious to the existence...

THE MIRACLE OF ENERGY – Only Energy Remains

Dhs. 25.00

The book is about the magic of energy, as energy is what affects each aspect of our lives.  In order to grow mentally rather than just physically, we have to...

The View from My Perch by Raju Menon

Dhs. 69.00

Raju Menon's trajectory can be traced from his childhood in the green, pristine villages of Kerala to the remarkable empire he has built in Dubai as the Founder of Kreston...

This Is What Tickles Me by Khaled M Ismail

Dhs. 59.00

This is What Tickles Me, is not your traditional self-help book. It is educational, entertaining and informative, based on observations from everyday moments and business life. So, there is a...

Turgut by Shiekh Sultan Al Qasimi

Dhs. 15.00

In the year 916 AH corresponding to 1510 AD, the Spaniards were able to seize the opportunity of the weakness of Prince Muhammad bin Hussein, the nineteenth emir of the...
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