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The world needs Superheroes: The next hero is you by Samira Hammadi

Dhs. 40.00

Not all heroes wear capes. Everyone who has given their life to something bigger than oneself is a hero. This is the story of a hero who tried to make...
Offer -15%

العالم بحاجة الي أبطال:البطل القادم هو أنت

Dhs. 34.00Dhs. 40.00

Samira Hammadi  لا يلبسُ كُلُّ الأبطالِ أقنعةً تُمَيِّزُهُم عن غيرهم من النَّاس. الأبطالُ أُنَاسٌ عادِيّون قرَّروا أن يكونوا أبطالاً ويُغَيَّروا العالم ليكونَ مكاناً أفضل. كُلُّ شَخْصٍ ضَحَّى بِحَياتِهِ من أجل...

Princess In The Making by Samira Hammadi

Dhs. 30.00

Samira Hammadi  Princess In The Making books are beautiful children's stories about friendship, love, manners, and etiquette. Our trio will take your children to magical lands, castles, and magnificent gardens....
Offer -15%

دليل الاميرات: جنية الخلاق

Dhs. 25.50Dhs. 30.00

Samira Hammadi  دليل الأميرات هي عبارة عن سلسلة قصص صغيرة ،جميلة للأطفال. تتحدت عن الصداقه والحب والأخلاق. يعزمونكم أميراتنا الجميلات إلى أراضي سحرية وقلع وحدائق خلابة. و يرشدون اولادكم عن...

Teacher Turned Gangsta by JUVEN BAILEY

Dhs. 32.00

Teacher Turned Gangsta reflects the rigors of being a teacher especially in a difficult school. It doesn't seek to craft an intricate plot of events but rather presents characters and...

Entrepreneurship and small Business Management by Dr. Khalid M. Alkhazraji and Mr. Shawn N. Olds

Dhs. 500.00

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management: A new Approach to Innovation for GCC Entrepreneurs provides insight of the GCC business system and practices, discussion of the entrepreneurial and SMEs activities, cases...
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