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UAE Business Essentials: Practical Legal Protections for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Dhs. 59.00

Did you know that the UAE ranks 1st among the Middle East and North African countries in terms of economic freedom? That it also ranks among the top nations in...

Secrets of Administrative Excellence

Dhs. 60.50

The Administrative Excellence Book is designed to enhance the competencies of these professionals, who work for executives and corporate leaders. In this book, the author 'Rodayna Tiraoui' covers best practices...
No: 3 Seller
No: 3 Seller


Dhs. 110.00

Crowdpleaser is the go-to public speaking book for anyone giving presentations, pitches or press interviews in the Middle East. Spread over 370 beautifully illustrated pages, it curates the 100 greatest...

Come Alive - by Meher Mirchandani

Dhs. 55.00

We have all grown up to believe love is a process that completes us when we love another, and they love us back as per our expectations. This is purely...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 result
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