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AlHambra Board Game [EN/AR]

Dhs. 200.00

Arabic Rules Included Revised Edition Including new Game & Scoring Board, Tile Dispenser, and Artwork Best Game in France 2003 / Best Game in Finland 2005 / Best Game in...


Dhs. 267.00

Arabic Rules Included BONK is a fast-rolling ricochet game that is ideally played with fourplayers. Your goal is to roll small steel balls down your slide in order toknock the...

Breakthrough: The Framework For An Inspired Career - by Ashutosh Sinha

Dhs. 59.00

Executive careers are increasingly under pressure due to the changes in the talent demographics and delivery expectations from fast evolving organisations. People are finding themselves on the crossroads of a...

Come Alive - by Meher Mirchandani

Dhs. 55.00

We have all grown up to believe love is a process that completes us when we love another, and they love us back as per our expectations. This is purely...

Janaka and Ashtavakra - by Ashraf Karayath

Dhs. 35.00

The story of a sage Ashtavakra and his disciple king Janaka is one of the most gripping yet unknown episodes from the Ramayana. A young boy Ashtavakra goes to king...


Dhs. 455.00

Arabic Rules Included KLASK 4 features the gameplay of KLASK, but within a larger circularplaying area so that four players can compete at the same time.KLASK 4 has a game...


Dhs. 267.00

Arabic Rules Included KLASK is much more than just a game. It’s a fun way to meet new peopleand engage with them. It’s a way to break with all the...


Dhs. 125.00

An original and fun gift for anyone in finance: the world’s famous fairy tales… turned into a financial setting. This collection of some 25 short fairy tales is mostly based...

Peace in by Bassem Terkawi

Dhs. 69.00

"Inner peace is your birthright... you lost it in the journey... do you dare to claim it back...?" I am grateful that you choose to read my book, this makes...
Showing 1 - 9 of 29 result
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