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"My Little World" by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dhs. 158.00

"My Little World" is a collection for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , that consists 5 story books for children which show his profound outlook on live and strong...

(1833-1818) إيضاح المكنون في سيرة الشيخ طحنون

Dhs. 90.00

عبدالله بن محمد المهيري تبرز أهمية الكتاب من ذلك الدور الكبير الذي قام به الشيخ طحنون بن شخبوط آل نهيان في تاريخ قبيلة بني ياس خاصة وتاريخ الإمارات عامة، وأحداث...

(زايد بن سلطان آل نهيان حاكم العين (1946م-1966م

Dhs. 115.00

يوسف عبدالرحمن محمد الهرمودي  تؤكد الوثائق التاريخية أن الشيخ زايد –طيب الله ثراه- حين تسلم إدارة مدينة العين، عمل بحكمته ورؤيته الثاقبة لترتيب البيت من الداخل، وبنى علاقات مع الجوار،...

10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East by Dr Tommy Weir

Dhs. 135.00

When I, as a student of leadership, first arrived in the Middle East, it was apparent that leading here is different given the business lifecycle, and sociological factors creating the...

365 Prophet Muhammad Stories (Arabic)

Dhs. 80.00

365 Prophet Muhammad Stories (Arabic) [hardcover] Saniyasnain Khan

50 Years in Al Ain Oasis

Dhs. 110.00

Abdulhafeez Khan The book describes in twenty chapters the amazing development and prosperity, which the UAE witnessed in the field of agriculture, as well as the spread of palm trees....

A Fateful Intrusion (The British India Line in the Arabian Gulf, 1862-1982)

Dhs. 60.00

Michael Quentin Morton  A Fateful Intrusion is the story of a famous shipping line and its impact on the Arabian Gulf. The British India Line was originally conceived as a...

Abbas (Arabic) - Tale from the United Arab Emirates

Dhs. 35.00

Children Tales from the United Arab Emirates.  Language: Arabic Author: Iwona Taida Drózd Illustrator: Ufuk Kobas Smink Publisher: Media Rodzina size: 210 x 227 mm pages: 32
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